Moomin Ice Bag / Cold Pack

Moomin Ice Bag / Cold Pack

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Ice bag that can be filled with ice for instant chilling!

Great for cooling down on a hot day, managing a fever, and icing.

Convenient and eco-friendly for repeated use.
The large spout is easy to fill with ice and has a screw-on and gasket to prevent water leakage!

*How to use
Open the cap and add ice and a small amount of water.
Remove as much air as possible from inside and close the cap tightly.
3. Apply to the area to be cooled.

Can also be used for warming by adding hot water.
*Do not add hot water over 50 degrees Celsius or dry ice.
*Do not freeze or microwave.

Product size (approx.)] Body size: 150 mm in diameter, spout size: 50 mm in diameter