Djeco Alphabet Beads (gold)
Djeco Alphabet Beads (gold)

Djeco Alphabet Beads (gold)

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An assortment of coloured and gold beads designed to offer balanced results every time. Thread the beads onto the elastic cord to make pretty bracelets, however you like.

- 1,000 beads
- An assortment of beads designed to offer pleasing results every time.
- A very clever beading needle
- Medium beads to make your bracelets even prettier.
- Elastic cord to make the bracelets easy to wear and adjust.
- Freedom to create pretty bracelets for you or for your friends and family.
- Lots of letters so you can write whatever you want

Contents: 600 coloured alphabet beads, 400 medium beads, 2x 5-metre elastic cord and 2 needles.