Auris Three Tone Glockenspiel a-h-d

Auris Three Tone Glockenspiel a-h-d

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Auris Glockenspiels are finely tuned and have clear, pure overtones. Their clear, spherical tones create a lovely sound experience. The tone bars consist of a brass alloy coated with beeswax to enhance and preserve their soft, natural shine. The resonating body is made of varnished maple, and is polished with beeswax. 

These three-tone glockenspiels use the same tones as are on our Pentatonic Glockenspiel. A simple instrument that fits nicely when playing in groups or for a toddler to begin with.

Maple wood, brass plates, 3 tones, with 2 rubber mallets, a-h-d

Made in Sweden of the finest brass and maple wood.