Choroi Carillon Seven Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel with Mallet

Choroi Carillon Seven Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel with Mallet

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Choroi Steel Glockenspiels were designed primarily for small children. They have a clear, balanced sound and make an excellent first percussion instrument. They accompany the soft tones of the children's harp well. The body is made of fine cherry wood. Made in Switzerland nad measures 8.5” long

cherry wood, 7 steel plates, with mallet, pentatonic tone series: d''-e''-g''-a''-b''-d'''-e'''

 Ages 3+


 “Penta” means five and that is what we have here, d-e-g-a-h. d and e are once repeated. The pentatonic scale allows you to play freely around the instrument, creating any improvised melody. It will never give you the feeling that you are playing “wrong” – anything is possible. This gives the player the very important experience of “I can” which encourages and brings more joy and lust into the playing. Especially by a rhythmic playing it is important that you do not meet any harmonic obstacles but has a scale that makes you entirely free to flow over the tones. 

The special thing about the pentatonic scale is that however you play with it, it will always sound good. You can play up and down the scale in any combination of tones and it gives you little sweet melodies all the time.  An openly floating scale, that allows you to create music freely without the frustrating struggle with wrong notes or inharmonious sounds.