Tsu & the Outliers

Tsu & the Outliers

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Tsu and the Outliers is a graphic novel about a non-verbal boy whose rural existence appears unbearable until rumors of a giant monster upend his mundane life. When a secret organization begins probing his connection with the creature, Tsu finds himself at the center of a strange mystery. As the dragnet closes in, Tsu is forced to choose a dangerous path leading beyond the periphery of human perception.

Johnson brings Tsu to life, in a beautifully illustrated and a detailed inky style. Tsu must balance the challenges of two separate worlds: being neuro-diverse and different in a small town, and having unique powers in a treacherous and fantastical world of monsters.

E Eero Johnson is a graphic artist from the Northern Midwest. His illustrations have appeared in the New YorkerRolling Stone Magazine, and Wired. His comics have been featured in Los Angeles MagazineThe New York Times, and Nozone. He collaborated on the Minnesota Book Award Nominated hybrid novel/graphic novel Original Fake with author Kirstin Cronn-Mills for Penguin Books, and he co-published the experimental Kozmo-Knot the Never-Ending Comic Book with Uncivilized Books. Tsu and the Outliers is his first complete graphic novel.