Heroes of the night sky

  • $17.95

By Tom Kindley

Thousands of years ago the stars provided key information about the world. Patterns were identified, so that the stars could be used for navigation, as a calendar and as a means of working out when to plant crops and when to harvest them. The Ancient Greeks projected stories of their gods and heroes onto these patterns, which, like the gods themselves, offered some explanation for the uncertainties of life. 

This book tells the tales of 10 key constellations, including Ursa Major, Andromeda, Hercules, Pegasus and Orion. Stories of love and death, of jealousy and yearning, open out over three pages, providing a wide canvas for Tom Kindley’s intricately beautiful illustrations. 

Luxuriously packaged with fabric quarterbinding and a unique gatefolded format, this is a book that will delight children and adults alike.