Roly Poly Koala

  • $19.00

Roly Poly Koala loves being pushed, pulled or knocked over — always bobbing up for more fun. Koala’s rounded, weighted bottom will always spin him back upright for more play. And as he rolls around he makes a lovely tinkling bell sound, for additional sensory stimulation.
Benefits: This classic early childhood learning and development toy is ideal for babies and young toddlers. Koala’s wobbling action entices little ones to reach out and push. Even the most random “batting” action is rewarded with a gentle tinkling bell sound and the little koala popping up for more. Little ones begin to understand the connection between cause and effect. They see there is a connection between their actions and the world around them. And realize that they can make interesting things happen. Roly Poly Koala encourages curiosity and discovery, all the while helping to develop fine motor skills. 5" tall.
Ages 3M+