Auris eight Tone Glockenspiel

Auris eight Tone Glockenspiel

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Auris Glockenspiels are finely tuned and have clear, pure overtones. Their clear, spherical tones create a lovely sound experience. The tone bars consist of a brass alloy coated with beeswax to enhance and preserve their soft, natural shine. The resonating body is made of varnished maple, and is polished with beeswax. 

Eight tone diatonic glockenspiel c’’’-d’’’-e’’’-f’’’-g’’’-a’’’-h’’’-c’’’’ A basic glockenspiel for introduction of diatonic music to the child. For playing with the family, for the school music and much more. A practical tool in music education. Comes with one rubber mallet and one wooden mallet.

Diatonic - straight - 8 tone. Maple wood, 8.85x4.9 inches (22.5 x 12.5 cm), 8 brass plates, with 2 mallets (wood+rubber), range: c''' - c''''.

Made in Sweden of the finest brass and maple wood.