Miniland Doll -Latina Infant girl

  • $22.50

These beautiful high quality dolls help children understand concepts such as family, diversity (both races and gender), as well as respect and tolerance.

 Made of soft vinyl, extremely resilient and flexible. Articulated head, arms and legs.

Lightly scented body. Anatomically correct dolls. Dolls have bottom underwear.

Miniland Baby Bundles from Kinoko Kids!  We have put together an option to purchase Miniland dolls as a bundle containing: The doll in underwear, an extra set of undershirt and pants, and a Sarah's Silks playsilk swaddle.  If choosing a playsilk please leave a note in your order about which color you would like (emerald, red, blossom, sea, or rainbow)

Additional information:
12 5/8"
Made in Spain
0 months +